Couldrey, Dr Matthew P.

Research Scientist


University of Reading

Department of Meteorology

University of Reading

PO Box 243

Earley Gate

Reading RG6 6BB

Science Theme: Climate & High-Impact Weather

In March 2018, I joined NCAS here in Reading as a Post-Doc. I work with Jonathan Gregory on the UK-FAFMIP project, which seeks to reduce uncertainty in predictions of future dynamic sea level change by improving our understanding of the way the global ocean takes up heat. My work aims to interpret what the current (CMIP6) and previous (CMIP5) generation of coupled atmosphere-ocean models can tell us about the way sea levels respond to climate change.

I completed my PhD at the University of Southampton in March 2018, which investigated variability in the oceanic uptake of carbon dioxide. My thesis was supervised by Kevin Oliver (UoS), Andrew Yool (National Oceanography Centre, Southampton), Eric Achterberg (UoS and GEOMAR, Kiel), and Paul Halloran (University of Exeter).

Away from my desk I can be found at the bouldering (rock climbing) wall, music festivals, tending to my bee hive, home brewing or video gaming.