Forster, Dr Grant L

Research Scientist


University of East Anglia

School of Environmental Sciences

University of East Anglia

Norwich Research Park



+44 160 359 3837  

In 2006, I completed my PhD in Marine Biogeochemistry at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. During my thesis work, I developed a Gas Chromatograph to measure greenhouse gases dissolved in water. During my PhD, I successfully deployed the instrument on two ocean-going research cruises and made measurements of dissolved methane and nitrous oxide in the water column to a depth of 300m along transects of the Atlantic Ocean from the UK to the Falkland Islands. In addition, I developed a method for collecting samples for isotope analysis of methane and nitrous oxide.

After a brief spell as laboratory manager of the Ocean Research Group at Newcastle, I moved to ENV in 2008 and established the atmospheric molecular hydrogen measurements at the Weybourne Atmospheric Observatory as part of the EU funded EuroHydros project. Since joining ENV I have participated in several NERC (e.g. RONOCO, MOYA, MAMM, DARE-UK) and EU funded (e.g. InGOS and EuroHydros) research projects involving ground-based and airborne observations (i.e. FAAM).

Since 2014 my work has largely been centred on the Weybourne Atmospheric Observatory located on the North Norfolk coast which forms part of NERCs national capability in long-term atmospheric observations. I am the coordinator of Weybourne and I am responsible for the long-term observations and running the observatory. My measurement expertise in greenhouse gases, air quality and meteorology has played a leading role in Weybourne gaining international recognition through the acceptance as a WMO Global Atmosphere Watch (GAW) regional station. Furthermore, my research at Weybourne was paramount in the station being selected to join the Integrated Carbon Observation Network (ICOS) in 2016.

During my time at UEA, I have had the opportunity to set up and maintain atmospheric observations in SE Asia (Malaysia and Vietnam) as part of Newton funded projects and I maintain a strong interested in air pollution in this region.

Currently, I am a Research Fellow in ENV and a staff member of the National Centre for Atmospheric Science (NCAS). I have been a PI and co-I on several NERC grants as well as being PI on the Defra AURN ozone and TOMPs contracts awarded to Weybourne. At present, I am a member of the UK-ICOS steering committee and I convene the NCAS Atmospheric Measurement and Observation Facility (AMOF) chemistry working group.

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