Lewis, Professor Alastair C

Professor of Atmospheric Chemistry


University of York

Wolfson Atmospheric Chemistry Laboratory

Department of Chemistry

University of York



YO10 5DD

+44 190 432 2522  

Alastair Lewis is professor of atmospheric chemistry at the National Centre for Atmospheric Science and University of York. He is currently Chair of the Defra Air Quality Expert Group (AQEG) and the Department for Transport Science Advisory Council.  Prof Lewis is an experimental scientist who has studied the composition of the atmosphere and the impacts of pollution from polar regions to megacities, open oceans to tropical forests. He recently led a major bilateral UK-China research and policy collaboration on improving air quality in Beijing. Prof Lewis has been awarded the Royal Society of Chemistry John Jeyes Prize for Environment, Energy and Sustainability, its Silver Medal for Analytical Science and Lord Lewis prize for science policy. He has authored more than 300 peer-reviewed articles and reports on air pollution and related science and has been a member of international advisory boards for the World Meteorological Organisation and UN-Environment. He has recently helped support science-based targets for air quality in the UK Environment Act and a legal guide to international air quality standards for UNEP.


Picture of Professor Alastair C Lewis