Hopkins, Dr James R

Research Scientist


University of York

Wolfson Atmospheric Chemistry Laboratory

Department of Chemistry

University of York



YO10 5DD

+44 190 432 4754  


I am an NCAS scientist working in the area of Gas Phase Atmospheric Chemistry at the University of York within the Wolfson Atmospheric Chemistry Laboratories.

My research aims to provide high quality observations of volatile organic compounds (VOC) in order to better understand the processes determining their atmospheric composition in a range of environments.  A large part of my work involves ground-based instrument deployments during collaborative field projects, recent deployments and on-going work include investigating: VOC source profiles in Hanoi, Vietnam; VOC oxidation in Delhi, India; and emissions of VOCs from gas and oil extraction in the UK.  I regularly participate in projects utilising the FAAM aircraft through the analysis of whole air samples (WAS) collected during aircraft detachments.

I also work with colleagues to ensure high quality measurements of atmospheric VOCs are made at the NCAS-run Cape Verde Atmospheric Observatory as well as at observatories in London, Birmingham and Manchester as part of the OSCA project.


Picture of Dr James R Hopkins