Rickard, Dr Andrew R

Associate Research Professor


University of York

Wolfson Atmospheric Chemistry Laboratory

Department of Chemistry

University of York



YO10 5DD

+44 1904 324760  

Dr Andrew Rickard has gained over 25 years experience working on a broad range atmospheric chemistry related projects.  His research interests span mechanistic chemistry of complex gas
and condensed phase systems, kinetic modelling of complex processes, and the chemistry of reactive radical intermediates. His group is primarily responsible for the update and implementation of the international benchmark Master Chemical Mechanism1 (mcm.york.ac.uk), which is extensively used by the science community in a wide variety of science and policy applications where chemical detail is required. This includes its application in detailed chemical models, development and automatic generation of new mechanisms and the evaluation of mechanisms through the design and coordination of large chamber studies. He has published > 90 peer reviewed articles and is currently on the committee of the RSC Gas Kinetic Special Interest Group (Chair 2016-2018), sits on the advisory board of the RSC journal Environmental Science: Atmospheres, and is a member of the Coordinating Research Council expert panel on the Development and Evaluation of Databases and Estimation Methods for Predicting Air Quality Impacts of Emitted Organic Compounds. Previously he was a partner in the EU EUROCHAMP-2020 “Integration of European Simulation Chambers for Investigating Atmospheric Processes - Towards 2020 and beyond” consortium where he led efforts on chamber characterisation and interoperability, and the design and interpretation of multi-chamber experiments. Previous EUROCHAMP work has led to the development of the AtChem Online and AtChem2 modelling tool kits.

Picture of Dr Andrew R Rickard