Sherwen, Dr Tomás



University of York

Wolfson Atmospheric Chemistry Laboratory

Department of Chemistry

University of York



YO10 5DD

+44 190 432 4758  
Science Theme: Air Pollution, Long-term Global Change

To face up to the key issues confronting our society, of air-quality and climate change, we need to bring our chemical and physical knowledge to bear. This chemistry and physics controls the composition of the air we breathe in the troposphere and the concentrations of key air-quality and climate gases. To be able to predict the composition of the atmosphere in many locations at once we need to understand all processes acting on chemical species from emissions, their transport, through to transformations in the gas- and aerosol- phase, to loss to rain and surfaces.

My interests are in trying to understand the composition of the troposphere using numerical models and comparing their predictions to observations. I use and develop the community owned GEOS-Chem chemical transport model to predict and analyse composition at regional and global scales. By comparing with observations and developing models iteratively, we can seek answers to key questions for society and our planet such as air-quality and climate change.

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