Bennett, Dr Lindsay

Radar Instrument Scientist


University of Leeds

Fairbairn House

71-75 Clarendon Road



+44 113 343 1453  

I am a Radar Instrument Scientist in the Atmospheric Measurement and Observation Facility (AMOF) and am responsible for the moveable X-band radar (NXPol-2) and its predecessor (NXPol-1). NXPol-1 was deployed in 6 major projects since 2012 (COPE, SESAR, ICE-D, RAINS, RAIN-E and WOEST) primarily focussing on the development of the boundary layer, convective clouds and precipitation. My role involves planning the deployment and operation of the radar as well as maintenance of the system and data management.


I have been based at the University of Leeds since 2003, where I did my PhD in the Institute for Climate and Atmospheric Science (ICAS), followed by a post-doctoral position. My research focussed on using multiple ground-based instruments, including radars, to analyse the development of convective showers and thunderstorms. I joined NCAS in 2011 and my role now is primarily project management, coordinating the NXPol operations, facilitating the use of the radar in research projects and collaborating with other scientists on the data analysis.  


Picture of Dr Lindsay  Bennett