Perry, Dr Felicity

Communications Manager


University of Leeds

School of Earth and Environment

University of Leeds


+44 113 343 4212  
Directorate Operational Team

In my current role as Communications Manager I manage and produce the NCAS communications activities, including the website My main day to day activities include finding, reading and disseminating scientific papers written by the 180 or so NCAS scientists, I also work with various press offices to produce press releases of the high profile papers and scientific results.

Other jobs include fielding calls and enquiries from jornalists and the media on all manner of atmospheric topics. I also produce the NCAS merchandise.

The annual reporting to NERC (our main funding body) is a major undertaking and requires us as an organisation to report our science from the last year to the NERC board. This includes publications, media coverage, knowledge exchange activities (working with businesses), fieldwork & measurement successes among other things. I co-ordinate and manage this activity.

In 2009 I graduated with a PhD in Atmospheric Science - and my thesis was title "Quantification of Coherent Structures in the Atmospheric Boundary Layer.

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