McGuire, Dr Patrick C.

Land Surface Processes Computational Scientist


University of Reading

Department of Meteorology

University of Reading

Earley Gate

Whiteknights Road



+44 118 378 6647  

I am a data geoscientist, a computational meteorologist, and a planetary scientist. I currently work in the field of land surface processes and climate, wherein I have been working on JULES, SDGVM, SWAT, and ILAMB, as well as developing improved global soil-property maps and improved vegetation parametrization. Prior to this, I worked on using orbital remote sensing to make global maps of Mars with the Mars Express HRSC camera and the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter CRISM hyperspectral imaging camera. I have also worked on: computer vision, machine learning, novelty detection, and saliency mapping in the Cyborg Astrobiologist project. In the past, I have worked on methane hydrates, carbon sequestration, climate science, robotics, computer vision, neural networks, machine learning, adaptive optics for astronomy, and dark matter astrophysics. I have taught courses in astronomy, planetary science, and climate science. In 2016, I organized a large internal symposium in the geosciences department at the Free University of Berlin.

Picture of Dr Patrick C. McGuire