McGuire, Dr Patrick C.

Land Surface Processes Computational Scientist


University of Reading

Department of Meteorology

University of Reading

Earley Gate

Whiteknights Road



+44 118 378 6647  

I am a data geoscientist, a computational meteorologist, and a planetary scientist. I currently work in the field of land surface processes and climate, wherein I have been working on various software tools (JULES, SDGVM, AquaCrop, ILAMB, AutoAssess, and ESMValTool), as well as developing improved global soil-property maps, improved vegetation parametrization, and improved urban modeling. This work has included being in the Global Carbon Project, wherein I provided SDGVM model output data in 2019, 2021, and 2023. I also upgraded the SDGVM model to handle gross land-use transitions. Prior to my work in land surface processes and climate, I worked on using orbital remote sensing to make global maps of Mars with the Mars Express HRSC camera and the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter CRISM hyperspectral imaging camera. In the Cyborg Astrobiologist project, I worked on computer vision, machine learning, novelty detection, and saliency mapping. In the past, I have worked on methane hydrates, carbon sequestration, climate science, robotics, computer vision, complex systems, neural networks, machine learning, adaptive optics for astronomy, and dark matter astrophysics. I have developed and taught courses in astronomy, planetary science, and climate science. In 2016, I organized a large internal symposium in the geosciences department at the Free University of Berlin. 

Picture of Dr Patrick C. McGuire