Vidale, Professor Pier Luigi

Head of High Resolution Climate Modelling


University of Reading

Department of Meteorology

University of Reading

Earley Gate

Whiteknights Road



+44 118 378 7844  

Chair of Climate System Science
University of Reading, School of Mathematical, Physical and Computational Sciences (SMPCS), Department of Meteorology


I am a world-leading specialist in global weather and climate modelling, including model development, with special focus on i) Tropical Cyclones in the climate system and ii) on Land-Atmosphere interactions at the local to regional scale. My research has led to breakthroughs in several areas, in particular: understanding the nature and causes of summer heat waves; understanding the feedbacks between atmosphere, vegetation (photosynthesis) and soil moisture; monitoring of vegetation growth and its variability from space; modelling of extreme weather and climate events, as well as quantifying their impacts (Tropical Cyclones, floods, droughts, wind storms).


Since 2007 I have also led the NERC High-Resolution Climate Modelling programme (previously UK-HiGEM and UK-Japan Climate Collaboration). More recently, I have become the NERC Principal Investigator for high-resolution climate modelling within the Joint Weather and Climate Research Programme, a partnership between the Met Office and NERC.


I am the Director of the NCAS Climate Modelling Summer School, held bi-annually at Cambridge, since its first edition, in 2007. In 2012 I became the co-Director (with C. Reich, MPI, Germany) of the international E2SCMS Summer School, which was held in 2012, 2014 and 2016.

Picture of Professor Pier Luigi  Vidale