Dufton, Dr David R L

Research Fellow in Radar Hydrometeorology


University of Leeds

Fairbairn House

71-75 Clarendon Road




I am a research fellow in the NCAS Radar Group specialising in hydrometeorological observations. My research aims to improve quantitative estimation of precipitation with weather radars with a focus on hydrological applications of those estimates. My role involves understanding the potential sources of error in these estimates and how they can be managed, reduced and quantified to allow hydrologists to use the resulting observations. These error sources include the influence of non-meteorolgical scatterers on the radar observations, the attenuating effects of the atmosphere itself and uncertainties in our quanitification of the observations when relating them to precipitation intensity at the surface.

Previously I have worked for the Swedish Meteorology and Hydrology Institute (SMHI) as a weather radar research scientist and at the Environment Agency in flood risk management. I completed my PhD at the University of Leeds in 2016 where I first began studying precipitation estimation with weather radars and have been involved in weather radar research since then. 

Picture of Dr David R L Dufton