Brooks, Dr Barbara J

Joint Head of the Atmospheric Measurement and Observation Facility (AMOF)


University of Leeds

Fairbairn House

71-75 Clarendon Road



+44 113 343 3574  

I’m one of the three joint heads of the Atmospheric Measurement and Observation Facility (AMOF) and I am also one of the leads of the NCAS-Observations Data Project. My research interests cover surface meteorology, boundary-layer dynamics and atmospheric remote sensing in particular when it is applied to Arctic regions and volcanic ash monitoring. I’m also heavily involved with the delivery of the Atmospheric Measurement Summer School: lecturing and demonstrating for the hands-on introductions to developing your own instrument.

I’m very much a hands-on scientist and have spent more time than I care to consider in the field: be that literally in a field, on ships, or in a range of research aircraft, and have acquired skills and experience in the development of instruments and adaptation of emerging technology to atmospheric observational needs.

Picture of Brooks, Dr Barbara J