Addison, Mrs Freya I

Electromagnetic Modeller


University of Leeds

Fairbairn House

71-75 Clarendon Road




Hi, I am a final year PhD student (looking for a job from October 2021!), in Radar Meteorology and Aeroecology. I specialise in geodesy, which is the shape of the Earth.

I use this to improve observations between ground-based weather radar and airborne platforms such as the FAAM (the UK's atmospheric research aircraft), helikites and

weather balloons. I am finishing up a (python) coding package which should enable to match up collocated observations between these platforms. I am applying my work

to look closer at Water Content and Biomass Content in the lower atmosphere.

I took a 6.5 month break off from my PhD recently, to work on the Biodar Project ( full time. I used Micro-CT scans and photogrammetry of

insects to simulate their radar cross section. I also learned a bit of animation, to adapt insect "flight" positions. Watch this space for further results!

I love doing sci-comm, so get in touch if you are interested in me for a specific event.

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