Fleming, Dr Zoë

NCAS Research Fellow


University of Leicester

University of Leicester

University Road



Atmospheric Composition

My work involves analysing long term atmospheric chemistry datasets, such as the Weybourne and Cape Verde monitoring stations. I am interested in trends in air pollutants at monitoring stations and was involved in the Tropospheric Ozone Assessment Report (TOAR) project and lead author on the paper on the effects of ozone on human health. I also run the NAME dispersion model that provides a footrpint for where air masses travellled before arriving at the stations and analysed this for the Halley Clean air laboratory in Antarctic, the Penlee observatory in Plymouth and the BT tower in London as well as many other short term measurement campaigns. I am involved with the team that is providing a web-based access to the NAME model so please contact me if you want information on this.

I am also interested in community projects and outreach using low cost air quality sensors and have been involved in a variety of such projects and am always interested in new projects in the UK and abroad. Many of these were through my position as chair of the Environmental Chemistry Group  of the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) and we are always interested in volunteers on outreach projects with us. If you are interested in publishing a paper about low cost sensors, I am an editor on a special issue journal on low costs sensors and air quaity, open until end of November 2018. I have been working closely with research groups in Chile (i.e. CR2) over the last year and welcome discussions on UK-South America air quality projects.

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