Colfescu, Dr Ioana

Senior Research Scientist (Climate and Weather Model Data Analysis)


University of Oxford

Atmospheric Physics

Clarendon Laboratory

Parks Road



+44 113 343 3083  

I am a Senior Research Scientist at NCAS in the University of Leeds.

I have a background in mathematics PhD in Climate Dynamics (George Mason University, US) and my research’s main focus is on improving our understanding of the key processes determining Earth’s climate and climate variability on  timescales ranging from seasonal, to multidecadal. In particular, I am interested in separating the role of anthropogenic emissions and natural climate variability and interactions between ocean and atmosphere. Aditionally to conducting research, I teach, as well as develop teaching materials for NCAS training courses, I participate in field campaigns and, I occasionally conduct outreach activities.

Research Interests

  • Atlantic Multidecadal Variability attribution and mechanisms
  • Global climate and weather model evaluation
  • European climate and weather extremes
  • Mountain Waves Dynamics and mechanisms

In my work, I really enjoy learning new things and one particular aspect which research work is for me: the ‘detective work’ aspect (e.g looking for clues and answers). I recently started supervising students and I very much enjoy that aspect too. Last, I love having the opportunity to meet and learn along and from other scientists who are passionate about what they do.

Picture of Colfescu, Dr Ioana