Guilyardi, Prof Eric

Research Scientist


University of Reading

Department of Meteorology

University of Reading

Earley Gate

Whiteknights Road



+44 118 378 3234  

Eric Guilyardi is a climate scientist at the Institut Pierre Simon Laplace / CNRS in France and professor of climate science at the University of Reading, in the UK. He is deputy director of the LOCEAN laboratory within IPSL and special advisor to CNRS on ocean and climate issues. He has published over 100 papers in peer-reviewed journals on topics including tropical climate variability, El Niño, ocean and climate, decadal variability and predictability, climate change, multi-model analysis, and state-of-the-art climate model development, and has been ranked as Highly Cited scientist in 2018. Eric Guilyardi was Contributing Author for IPCC TAR, has contributed as expert reviewer to the IPCC AR4 and IPCC SROCC, was a Lead Author for IPCC AR5 and is Contributing Author for IPCC AR6. He contributes scientific expertise to many journals and funding agencies, both in Europe and elsewhere. For more than 20 years, he has been and is principle investigator or co-investigator of a number of projects, funded by the European Union Framework Programmes, the Belmont Forum, and national agencies (NERC, ANR, NSF…). He sits in several scientific committees and co-chairs the international CLIVAR Research Focus on ENSO in changing climate. Eric Guilyardi also has an active public engagement activity, for the general public, schools and the media. He has published several books for wider audiences on ocean, climate, science and society. He a member of the board of Météo et Climat, the French professional body of climate scientists. He is part of the “Messagers du climat” who ran a climate exhibit in the “Train du Climat” across France and met with thousands of citizens ahead of COP21 and at other regular occasions. He was actively engaged in the launch of the Office for Climate Education (OCE) in 2018, its installation within the IPSL premises at Sorbonne Université, and is currently co-chair of the Science and Pedagogical committee of the OCE.

Picture of Guilyardi, Prof Eric