Martínez-Alvarado, Dr Oscar

Senior Research Scientist


University of Reading

Department of Meteorology

University of Reading

Earley Gate

Whiteknights Road



+44 118 378 8933  

Oscar Martínez-Alvarado is a research scientist at the UK’s National Centre for Atmospheric Science, based at the Department of Meteorology, University of Reading. He completed his doctoral studies, with a thesis on low-order dynamical models of the Martian atmosphere, at the University of Oxford in 2007. He joined the Department of Meteorology in 2008 to work on a project looking at the dynamical drivers and the climatology of sting jets in extratropical cyclones. Since then he has conducted research mainly within the field of extratropical meteorology. He has done work on the structure of extratropical cyclones, atmospheric blocking, high-impact weather in mid-latitudes and the development of forecast and model error in mid-latitude forecasts. More recently he has conducted research on weather regimes as potentially predictable features to improve the forecasts of wind energy production in the sub-tropics, and intense precipitation in the tropics.